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College and New Job 

More than 54 million Americans hold full-time jobs. The work environment, however, is changing fast. With the Internet, e-mail, fax and portable phones, more and more Americans are working from their homes. Never in history has there been more enthusiasm for building new enterprises. While major companies are downsizing, entrepreneurs are opening up new business in areas never before contemplated.

College/New Job

Term Insurance

Purchasing life insurance is never a popular topic of discussion and many of us postpone thinking about the need. Your job opportunities and career possibilities may be expanding faster than you think. The pressures on your time are undoubtedly increasing. You may have less time to exercise and stress may be reaching a new definition of reality in your life. Term insurance, at preferred or standard rates, may provide you a very economical way to make sure you can lock in a substantial amount of insurance coverage with guaranteed long-term rates. Take the time to check out an InsureRate term quote and see the cost-saving opportunities that may well be available to you, especially if you decide to postpone the decision no more and take the time to find for yourself an informed life insurance solution right now.


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